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2013 issue of Eco Magazine

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The article focuses on Bell Tech setting the standard for eco-friendly response, recovery and restoration.

Article Transcript:

Bell Tech specializes in ecological management as it
relates to the response, recovery, and restoration of spill
response activities. With its eco-friendly procedures and its
over 24 years of experience ranging from the Exxon Valdez
to the Deepwater Horizon incidents, Bell Tech has decontaminated
more super tankers, barges, and vessels than
anyone in the world. Offshore capabilities include contaminant
recovery and restoration of platforms, piling, and
any other surface that becomes contaminated. This
proven method has transformed to land-based operations
addressing refineries, frozen tundra, shoreline, and recovery
from a multitude of surfaces.
What sets Bell Tech apart from all other environmental
response companies is the specialized equipment combined
with the procedures the team has developed and
refined over the years. Their method captures and collects
the contamination at the point of contact and prevents it
from being transferred back into the environment.
Conceptualized in Valdez, Alaska Bell Tech’s unique
method consists of transforming the current state of the
oil and changing the viscosity, thus returning it back to a
liquid form to be managed effectively. Their approach
incorporates adjustable water temperature and pressure
for agitation purposes along with a powerful vacuum to
extract the water and contaminates directly into a holding
tank. Using an assortment of clean and capture tools
ranging from a wide surface area to a crevasse, decontamination
is contained within the footprint of the attachment,
preventing contaminants from further polluting
the environment.
The Bell-Vac equipment package is portable enough to be
utilized from an ATV trailer to the deck of a landing craft or
any other means of transportation including a snowcat.
Along with a workable distance of 1,000 feet from the equipment,
technicians can deploy the hose and restore hard-to reach
areas of contamination. Bell Tech has the capability to
mobilize dedicated equipment worldwide including the
ability to call upon a vast variety of non-dedicated resources
to complement the response efforts for activation as conditions
or requirements dictate as well as an incident command
team to include a Certified Safety Professional, an
archaeologist, marine biologist, and task force leaders to
oversee highly skilled technicians that comply with EPA,
DEC, USCG, and OSHA regulations.
Bell Tech is committed to addressing the recovery and
restoration of any surface that becomes contaminated.
Effective and economical Arctic recovery solutions for ice covered
waters and frozen tundra using the Bell-Vac system
have been developed to assist with spill preparedness and
response for the Chukchi and neighboring Beaufort Sea
exploration in Alaska. Utilizing the equipment is advantageous
in the Arctic due to the effectiveness of the recovery
procedures that minimize the environmental impact of the
clean up by shrinking the footprint of the activities as well as
greatly reducing the affected surface area in terms of the
depth of the recovery.
Utilization of the Bell-Vac would allow for trained technicians
to remove just the top surface area of the ice rather
than other methods that require chipping, digging, or other
intrusive means of recovery. Frozen tundra and ice procedures
incorporate steaming to change the viscosity of the
oil back into a liquid at which point the vacuum system
transfers the oil directly into a holding tank. In addition, the
portability of the equipment and the capability of reaching
distances of 1,000 feet from the equipment provide versatility
in achieving clean-up goals without damaging ultra-sensitive
areas of Arctic wildlife habitat.