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Project portfolio highlights from 1991 to present day

Final Restoration, Gulf of Mexico (ongoing)

Final Restoration, Gulf of Mexico (ongoing) Photo 1

Currently conducting marine environmental assessments, restoration and repair services to areas affected by the MC-252 Deepwater Horizon Incident. Specializing in marine facilities including marina's, harbors and docks, beaches, as well as residential zones.

Ship Escort Response Vessel System, Valdez Alaska (2012)

Ship Escort Response Vessel System (2012) Photo 1

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in cooperation with the United States Coast Guard, State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Joint Pipeline Office and the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council conducted a Summer Valdez Marine Terminal Exercise. Bell Tech representatives conducted tactic VMT-WM-7B Large Vessel Decontamination using a 39 foot landing craft equipped with the Bell-Vac system demonstrating on Barge 500-2. Several clean and capture tools were displayed and representatives answered questions regarding operations, capabilities, procedures, limitations as well as deployment scenarios and response times.

Residential & Commercial Property Restoration, Valdez, Alaska (2012)

Residential and Commercial Property Restoration - Valdez, Alaska (2012) Photo 1

During the 2011/2012 winter season in Alaska, the City of Valdez received over 450 inches of snow. During the spring months the melting accumulation caused a multitude of spills as the snow and ice shed from roofs. This snow-shed tipped over above ground heating fuel tanks and caused damage to the associated appurtenances thus contaminating the surrounding snow and soil. Bell Tech representatives responded and reclaimed heating fuel from snow and soils using the Bell-Vac process which proved to be an effective and non-intrusive means to restore the property without harming the vegetation and using machinery excavation methods to collect and dispose of contamination. Using the steaming and vacuum process, the snow along with the contamination was melted and collected for filtering rather than expensive soil disposal or thermal treatment.

Exxon Silvertip Incident, Yellowstone River Laurel, Montana (2011)

Bell Tech mobilized a response trailer from Mobile, Alabama for the purposes of technology transfer. During the response, representatives tested and fine-tuned procedures associated with the decontamination of distressed vegetation and river debris. This also provided an opportunity to address another response scenario utilizing a form of UTV/ATV including small trailers to mobilize the Bell-Vac response equipment to areas inaccessible to vehicular traffic.

Boggy Point - Orange Beach, Alabama (2011)

Boggy Point - Orange Beach, Alabama (2011) Photo 1

Final restoration of the Boggy Point public boat launch which was used for vessel decontamination and as a capture and collection point during the Deepwater Horizon incident.

MC-252 Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico (2010)

MC-252 Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico (2010) Photo 1

Designed and managed thirty onshore and offshore task-force sites from Saint Joseph’s Bay, FL to Point Henderson, MS servicing over 3000 vessels.
Designed procedures for the shallow water marsh decontamination and recovery.
Coordinated with local communities to respond to their individual needs.
Conducted research and development of new applications for environmentally safe washing agents.
Developed marine life and wildlife response and rescue procedures.

Exxon Valdez, Prince William Sound, Alaska (1989)

Exxon Valdez, Prince William Sound, Alaska (1989) Photo 1

Designed and managed eighteen offshore and onshore boat wash stations from Valdez to Kodiak. Serviced over 6,000 vessels including numerous helicopters and float planes, 25 miles of boom and 20 miles of fishing nets.
Washed the Exxon Valdez tanker prior to removal from Prince William Sound.
Conducted beach assessment activities from five years, ten years and twenty years after the spill.

Eastern Lion Oil Spill - Prince William Sound, Alaska (1994)

Eastern Lion Oil Spill - Prince William Sound, Alaska (1994) Photo 1

Washed the Eastern Lion and Thompson Pass tankers, 700 vessels, berth piling, as well as docks and barges associated with the spill.

Huntington Beach Oil Spill - City of Huntington Beach, California (1990)

Consulted for the Sandy Beach decontamination.
Designed the Bird Rescue Center.
Washed vessels and barges using 10,000 gallons of approved Orange-Sol products.

Russian Tanker Nakhodka - Oki Islands, Japan (1997)

Designed and authored procedures for cold water rock shoreline cleaning.

Kuwait City - Kuwait (1991)

Designed approved procedures to wash oil stained marble buildings. Designed and implemented the “Bahrain Shrimp Farm Plan”.